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Tennis is great sport. It’s also one of the few sports you can play for your entire life. Many people start at an early age, but you can even pick it up as a senior citizen. In this article, we compiled a list of female celebrities you probably didn’t know played tennis. Some of the celebrities on our list actually played competitive tennis in high school… others just play for recreation.


We hope you enjoy our list, and let us know if there are any that we are missing?

1 – Kaley Cuoco


So this first one shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you. The star of THE BIG BANG THEORY was married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting.


Kaley is best known for her work on the popular sit-com THE BIG BANG THEORY. Before she became an actress, she was actually a nationally ranked amateur tennis play. She started playing at the early age of 3 and stopped playing competitively at the age of 16.


Now that she split up with Ryan, we hope that doesn’t affect her tennis game.


2 – Scarlett Johansson


Source: tumblr

Scarlett Johansson has been in several movies, from LOST IN TRANSLATION to LUCY. She was also named “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine.


There is no better way to learn how to play tennis than getting paid millions of dollars to learn. And this is what happened with Scarlett. She never played tennis before her Woody Allen Movie “Match Point.” In anĀ interview, she even goes as far to credit tennis for her “great butt.”


3 – Christine Taylor

Christine is married to actor Ben Stiller. She has also starred in a number of hit films including The Brady Bunch Movie, Dodgeball and The Wedding Singer.


Christine is obsessed with tennis. She plays once a week with Ben and also played on her high school tennis team. In an interview with Tennis View Mag, she says she records the major tournaments on TV and watches them later.


She is so involved in the sport that she is an advocate for 10 and Under Tennis.

4 – Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer Love Hewitt became widely known in the hit TV show Party of Five. She became every male teens crush as she continued her career in movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel.


So Jennifer may be quite a stretch on our list, but we thought it would be fun to feature her as she does seem to be enjoying the game. However, we aren’t sure how quick she can react in those heels.


5 – Tina Fey

Tina Fey on the Tennis Team

Credit: highschool yearbook


Tina Fey is one of the funniest women alive today. She perfected her comedy chops working on Saturday Night Live and went on to star in many bit comedy films including DATE NIGHT and SISTERS.


Tina Fey played Varsity tennis in high school. She attended Upper Darby High School in Pennsylvania and was involved in a lot of extra curricular activities.


6 – Ellen De Generes


Credit: high school yearbook

Ellen is a female comic who became popular with her own sit-com ELLEN. Since then, she has had her own talk show which has also been wildly popular.


She also played high school tennis and was on the varsity team.


7 – Shannon Elizabeth



Shannon has starred in many films and is a former model. However, she will always be remembered for her role in American Pie.


She is so into tennis, that when she was younger, she considered a career as a professional tennis player. Hey, if Anna Kournikova could do it, then Shannon could have done it as well!


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